Down Under Berlin Kurzfilmrolle

Down Under Berlin Kurzfilmrolle

1. Beginner’s Luck
Matt Richards, Australia, 2012, 7.40

Dwarfed among the silent dusty wheat fields of a remote farm, two mischievous boys barrel down the dirt driveway with a broken accelerator, leaving a trail of destruction as they head towards the farmhouse where an unsuspecting Dad is baking a birthday cake. At the same time, desperately giving chase in an old tractor is Mum: can she save the day?

2. Drenched in Glorious Light
Victoria Goodyear, Australia, 2011, 7.49

Desire, beauty and obsession. Secret dreams are contemplated, and as each new day dawns, hope battles with uncertainty in an effort to reach light. Drenched in Glorious Light depicts one woman’s lyrical journey as she traverses the treacherous emotional terrain of love and longing.

3. Gorilla
Tim Marshall, Australia, 2012, 15.00

Newly in love couple, Joel and Sean, embark on a camping weekend away to develop and understand their relationship. As the reality of each other’s personal differences surfaces dur-ing this romantic escape, a mysterious woman comes out of the wilderness and forces the couple to embark on a journey of self discovery that threatens to tear the two apart.

4. Cedric & Hope
Pierce Davison, Australia, 2012, 13.50

In a luscious field somewhere in the English countryside lies Cedric – spotting clouds with his beautiful but silly princess girlfriend Faith. All appears to be perfect with the world until she decides it’s time to dump him for the prospect of some battle-hardened knights. As he strug-gles to get over his break-up, he befriends Hope and together they get caught up in a scheme to bring soap back from the holy crusades under the guise of war. This could be Cedric’s chance to prove he is tough enough to deserve Faith’s love!

5. Sweet 16
Dominic Haslam, Australia, 2012, 16.00

A sudden death and the looming disintegration of her family leave Iris to navigate her way through
loss. At a crossroads, she struggles between a potentially devastating downfall and the choice to
become her own person in her father’s image.

6. Boy, You’re A Long Way From Home
Kristoffer Palm, Australia, 2012, 6.02

Inside the mind of a young man as he faces the most important decision of is life.

7. Rain
Henry Boffin, Australia, 2012, 14.15

An old man and a young boy struggle to survive in a future world where there is no water left
on earth. By day, they harvest any water they can from the barren landscape, and by night,
they attempt to keep their hope alive. The future looks bleak, and as the last of their secret
water supply runs dry and desperate savages start to close in, the pair must face up to the fact
that the rains may never come again.

8. Baby
Daniel Biggins, 2012, 7.00

An orphaned kangaroo joey is raised by a young boy and his mother.

9. Tofu Man
Andrew Robb, Australia, 2013, 5.00

Tofu Man is an unexpectedly candid portait of Duc from the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine. Weaving
Duc’s story with his tofu business makes for a film of surprising poignancy.