Go Mental! International Short Film Festival – 26.-30.5.2021

We are Go Mental! – Germany’s first film festival that focuses on mental health. In the first year, we have received 1,800 short films from over 113 countries. In two curated festival streams on Vimeo, we present you 25 short films that embrace our core values of de-stigmatization, empathy fostering, and authentic depiction of mental health conditions in film. The films cover a variety of mental health issues such as trauma, grief, suicide, bipolar disorder, autism, self-worth, sexual abuse, depression, body image issues, and many more.

With Go Mental! we aim to increase awareness for mental health in general as well as to create a space in which filmmakers, professionals from the field of psychology and psychiatry as well as non-filmmakers from all around the world can come together and join the conversation. It is our goal to give filmmakers a platform on which they feel empowered to create new ways of storytelling in which the many layers of mental health can be unraveled and explored. Filmmakers from all around the world are encouraged to engage with this challenging and compelling subject and create a community in which stigmas are broken and empathy is fostered.